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LightStim for Wrinkles

LightStim for Wrinkles

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Beauty comes from the inside out. That is why LightStim designs high-quality, easy-to-use, at-home devices that combine therapeutic light energy with patented technology to address your skin from within. Visibly improved, radiant, healthy-looking skin is what LightStim is all about.


Just like plants, our skin and other body tissues have the ability to absorb light and convert it into energy.  LightStim LED light therapy delivers light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. LightStim emits UV-free, beneficial light energy to the skin.  


Each LightStim product uses different wavelengths, or colors of light. When this beneficial light is applied directly to the skin it can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, temporarily increase blood circulation, and treat mild to moderate acne.


Treat Fine Lines and Wrinkles


As we age our skin loses its plump youthful appearance allowing fine lines and wrinkles to form.


LightStim for Wrinkles provides rejuvenating wavelengths of light energy to treat your fine lines and wrinkles.


Over time by using your Light you can help to recapture that plump youthful appearance.


FDA Cleared for the Entire Face


LightStim for Wrinkles is FDA cleared to treat wrinkles on the
entire face. You can treat your forehead, crow’s feet, cheeks,
nasal labial folds, jawline, and even your lips.

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