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Patyka Precious Woods Body Wash

Patyka Precious Woods Body Wash

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This warm, comforting formula envelops the body and the mind, as you visualize relaxing along the bank of Rio Madeira in Porto Velho, admiring the canopy where lush natural beauty prevails. After this relaxing cleansing ritual, skin is renewed, revitalized and radiant.

Texture: Fluid foaming gel

100% Natural Fragrance : Warm and luxuriant notes of Patchouli and Amyris with green and woody scents of Cedar and Vetiver

Main Actives:  



  • Raspberry Water: Rich in Vitamin E, it helps protect the skin from cutaneous ageing with a regenerating and repairing action. 
  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate: Comes from the Copra Oil (Coconut Oil) versus traditional synthetic solvents that may cause irritation and harm to the skin and body; used as a very gentle cleansing base that also imparts an extraordinary foaming texture to the products. 
  • Precious Woods: With its extracts of Vetiver, Amyris Wood and Cedar, this warm, elegant natural essence envelops skin and restores comfort.
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