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Patyka Pearl Grape Body Wash

Patyka Pearl Grape Body Wash

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Floral, round and slightly sweet notes reawaken feelings of romance while leaving a captivating scent on the skin. Skin is purified and soothed while your mind’s eye journeys into the mountain of Reims, strolling along the scenic vineyards to admire the sun-kissed grapes – such a sweet escape.

Texture: Fluid foaming gel

100% Natural Fragrance : Sweet White Grape

Main Actives: 

  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate: Comes from the Copra Oil (Coconut Oil) versus traditional synthetic solvents that may cause irritation and harm to the skin and body; used as a very gentle cleansing base that also imparts an extraordinary foaming texture to the products. 
  • Raspberry cellular water: Rich in Vitamin E, protects skin from aging with its ability to regenerate and repair.
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