Shayla has a warm and nurturing presence that sets the tone for all services with her. She is a gifted healer who can guide you to a deep and meaningful place through her work. T.W.

"Shayla is a gifted practitioner — a healer who exudes compassion and grace. From the moment you first meet her, she feels like a trusted friend — someone who immediately puts you at ease. She is exceptional at what she does, and I am grateful to be in her care!" L.V.

"I met Shayla by happenstance when I thought my lifelong suffering would never end. Through her healing touch and gentle spirit, I have learned to tap in to my own internal power and have never felt more at peace or uplifted about my future. Shayla is a miracle worker." R.E.

"Shayla is a caring and thoughtful practitioner who not only listens to your needs, but also adjusts her work from person to person. She comes with so much knowledge about skincare and healing, and her expertise translates into treatments that feel tailored to you, created just for you. I always leave glowing and relaxed from a treatment with her! She understands sensitive skin so well." N.M.

"I struggled with acne on my forehead and chin for many months after switching birth control. I tried drugstore products, and even went to the dermatologist, but my acne was stubborn and nothing seemed to work. That changed when I met Shayla. She introduced me to products specific to my needs and planned a day and night regimen for me. We also scheduled peels and light therapy sessions. After a month, I began noticing a huge difference in my skin. After four months, my acne was completely gone. Shayla helped me regain my confidence, and now I have more confidence in myself then ever before. I don't even need to wear makeup -- my skin is glowing! I don't know what I would have done without Shayla's guidance, positive energy and support along the way. She is a miracle worker!" A.P.

"Time in Shayla's care -- whether it's twenty minutes getting my brows beautiful or a long healing session on a warmed table -- feels like a self care oasis. Whether I'm in desperate need of the replenishment, or not even aware of how much I crave the calm, I am left feeling better every time I leave her space." M.D. "As a skin therapy client of Shayla’s, I am continuously grateful for her wonder. She is equal parts wise and kind. Her commitment to humans living their best self is embedded in everything she does. And, with the highest integrity, generosity and goodness. I heart Shayla!" J.G.