nourishing facials

Touch can be essential to overall health, and that includes deeply nourishing and intuitive facials. With a background in understanding the benefits of self-care, nutrition, well-being coaching and energy healing, I bring modalities together to create a unique experience for each client. I love developing relationships with my clients. In treatments, I use a harmonious balance of science with technology to achieve excellent results. I base my practice on a healing, gentle and wholesome approach. An option in all of my facials is Energetic Facial Release. Energetic Facial Release is a deeply nurturing hands on healing technique. It is a series of different hand configurations gently applied to the face with light massage. Our face holds the experiences and emotions of our day to day life. Energetic Facial Release supports the client by bringing awareness and clearing emotions. 

Nourishing Bespoke Facial - 60 minutes 

In the bespoke facial I am guided by what is needed after analyzing the skin and connecting with you about well-being. This is a perfect combination using lymphatic drainage, massage, Energetic Facial Release and the following skincare tools as needed: ultrasonic cleansing, fruit enzyme peels, gentle extractions (only where needed), gentle exfoliation, dermaplaning, nano-needling, ionized oxygen therapy, LED light therapy, cryotherapy and ultrasound therapy. We cover everything from Acne to Aging in all of the bespoke facials.

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Nourishing Bespoke Deluxe Facial - 90 minutes

In the 90 minute bespoke facial we use the same treatments as the 60 minute facial, but we spend more time on personalizing your service with more lymphatic drainage, Energetic Facial Release and massage. In this treatment we simply get more time together to explore more treatment options and what is needed to support your skin. We cover everything from Acne to Aging in all of the bespoke facials.

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