energy healing

The gentle energy healing I practice is a hands-on healing therapy that supports you to re-connect with yourself and the stillness within, allowing you to let go of tension that doesn't belong to the natural rhythm and flow of the body.

Drawing on ancient healing techniques, the sessions work to support you to clear disharmonious energy that may be present in different locations in your body and help you feel lighter, more vibrant and more you, with a greater freedom from the build up of tensions that can happen over time.

My touch is nurturing, gentle, and will support you to drop into the deep stillness within. This innate place of inner-harmony optimizes the body's opportunity to regenerate and heal.

what to expect in a session

Upon arrival we will connect and discuss what is going on in your life and in your body. Then we will transition to the healing table for gentle hands on body healing. The healing work involves both face up and face down positions on the massage table. You remain fully clothed and covered in warm blankets on the heated table throughout the session. I work with the highest integrity and sessions naturally remain strictly confidential. 

In each session you have the opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself and gain a wiser approach to your life.